heat exchanger or direct heat


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heat exchanger or direct heat

hi i live in the UK so everything is more expensive than in US
I'm reducing the size of my pool as I can not afford to heat it, and the children only use 1/2 of it.
do i go for a heat exchanger or should i have direct pool water heated in the oil bioler i plan to use, this boiler would only be used for the pool, also as the controls on the bioler are for heating the house does ne1 know where to get themostat control to keep boiler temp lower for heating pool
years ago this pool used solar heating (had rubber pipes under the pool surround it worked well as additional heat but like the rest of pool shows its age 30 years)
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Hi there, just talked to my friend thats visiting there, temp. at that time 0 °

give us a few more details, 1. how many gal in the pool 2. location indoors or outdoors, 3. cover , yes / no 4. sunshine, direct / indirect, none
5. normal wind velocity 6. electric available . 7. heater fuel type, fuel oil, natural gas, propane, 8. do you know the different prices of the different types of fuel / electricity ?

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There will be around 7000 gals in pool
Outdoors pool
Solar cover
Sunshine on around half the pool from 11o’clock to 3 o’clock
Don’t know wind speed but it is windy
Electric available but only single phase and max 80 amps for house and everything
Looking to use oil as a fuel, --may use wood and coal as I have an old multi-fuel boiler
Oil costs around 28pence a ltr in UK, electric is about 8 pence a kw
Looking to use pool from may to late sept if possible
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RustyGoat, hi again you, might have thought I got lost,? made some phone calls, no a lot of help there, I think the value of the pense v/s the dollar stumped us, even so,

7000 gal is not a great amount of water so thats a plus, oil fired boilers can be quite energy efficient, not sure about the one you allready have, another avenue you might consider is a heat pump, you mentioned that you have 80 amp single phase service, this may or may not be enough to run a large enough heat pump in conjunction with everything else you have in your home, another thing I suggest is glazed solar panels, normally 50% of the total surface area of the pool, however if you have the room and can afford it, I suggest buying as many as possible up to or equal to the total sq. ft. of the pool surface area. you said you had a cover , this is very important to make heat is one thing to loose it via wind, breeze is another, its like heating your house without the roof. again research heat pumps, boilers, solar in your specific area , and you should get a better picture,

hope this helps in some small way maby give you a new direction you hadn't thought about if nothing else.

lol steve

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