Cracked Coping/Spa Sinking?


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Cracked Coping/Spa Sinking?

I just completed construction of a new inground pool and spa. It was filled end of November. Two days after Christmas we noticed what looked like bubbling of the mastic around the pool and spa. When we took a closer look at it we noticed that in the back by the spa the corner piece of coping was completly cracked in half and the coping had sunk aprox. 1/4" down from the decking. Im not sure if it's just the coping or the entire spa? Around the whole pool the mastic is bubbled all over and you can see where the coping has seperated from the mastic. It has not sunken very much but you can definetly see whre it have moved away from the deck? Im in California where we are experiencing alot of rain but is this normal for such new construction?
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A gunite pool and spa have a structural steel cage (re-bar) they are tied together. The top is the bond beam; this is where your coping is. The mastic between the coping and the deck is usually Deck-o-Seal. Most likely your pool deck has raised rather then your spa sinking.

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I am no professional but the deck seems to be in perfect condition. the coping has seperated from the deck and is leaning inward?? My question is is this normal with such a new pool? Could there have been some problem with the mastic where water got in and caused this???
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Ok on way to tell is to look at the tile in your pool, they set the tile line level when they build the pool. If the water is still level with your tile line your pool probally has not moved...

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I think milleniumpools is correct in thinking that the deck has raised up from the spa itself. Soil, particularly if it has any clay content will absorb water when it gets wet and it will then expand a great deal.

What has probably happened is that the ground under the entire deck area has absorbed a lot of water and the expansion has pushed up the whole slab uniformly. This could be 1/2" or more. The spa which is sitting on ground that is deeper (and probably has less clay) has not been pushed up. When the ground under the deck dries out the slab will go back down.

That's the good news. The bad news is that without doing something to correct the problem it will happen again. There is only one good way to fix it without removing the deck and bad soil and replacing the concrete with a new pour. What you need to do is dig down about 12-18 inches all around the outside of the deck and put in a "french drain". This consists of a perforated drain pipe in gravel that has an outlet at the low side of your property. Then when it rains and the water starts to penetrate it will seep into the gravel and into the pipe and be channeled away, preventing the soil from absorbing all this moisture and expanding.

Once the problem has been solved you will need to have the coping reset and resealed.
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Hi stagreg , I live in So. Kalifornia and agree with whats been said, don't know exactly where your located but here in the southland we have a lot of different areas that " move " more than others, you must admit we have had some one in a 10 yr. rains, .


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