Pricing sanity check


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Pricing sanity check

I'm building a new custom home west of Fort Worth. We are getting bids for pools and I just wanted to do a sanity check with the experts. We decided to do a simple pool and spend the money on the landscaping around it and a pool house. We've asked for a pool approximately 17' x 38' rectangular(ish) with a 4' stone walk around it. The retaining wall at the back of the house is about 7' tall with a beautiful stone that we want to carry into the pool deck. There might be more patio (maybe 100 sq ft) at one end for some patio furniture, but my plan is to build a pool house next summer. So for the simple pool described (no hot tub, no pool house, no waterfalls, possibly a heater) does $25K sound in the right ballpark? I'm afraid that since the house is a high end custom, we will also be paying high end prices for a pool, even if they aren't warranted.
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Hi Tim , Texas is pretty much like Kalifornia, [ pool construction heaven ]

however not knowing prices in Texas, { I would suspect a lot of competition = lower prices } $ 25,000 to me doesn't sound like a lot of money, breaking it down [ prices in Kalifornia ] 17 x 38 pool = 560 sq. ft. deck plus 100 sq. ft. extra per your request = 660 sq. ft.. @ $ 8.00 =
$ 5,280 plaster $ 3000,00 to $ 4000,00 white , if you are having pebble tec type surface , or terrazone type surface plan on doubling that price, top of the line equipment, $ 5,000.00 to $ 6500.00 thats $ 15,280.00 we havn't even talked about the stone & labor on top of the plain grey concrete , or tile
you didn't mention what your doing for tile, if tile what group , group = $

so all and all I suspect the prices youve been quoted are not out of line in the least, however check around, ask questions, get referrals, and check them out, make sure they are licensed contractors, get EVERYTHING in WRITING [ in a court of law that will be your only argument that will stand up ] read up on the contractors law and how it protects you in your state,

generally get informed , call the state registrars office and check on the contractors license they will tell you , if its in good standing, if there has ever been an action against it and on what grounds, and have all draws spelled out, in writing, obtain a lien release for every dollar you pay.

you should expect to wind up with a very nice pool, yard put back togeather, and still on speaking terms with the contractor, yes it does happen, but it doesn't hurt to cover your a - -

hope this helps some, steve
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Down in Fl here a 15'X30' 6' deep 1 swim out and 1 set of steps with rail. Filter, pump, electric. 5' of deck around the pool.3 side of screen and screen roof around it . tile and diamond Brite finish $30K . Get 3 bid for sure and all down on paper. Be sure and get a lien Release for any draw they take.

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Well I think I have to agree with stevie3x on this as well, I always recommend getting at least 3 bids for such a project. Check out your contractor and his subs thoroughly. This is a link to the California Contractors State License Board there is a lot of useful information on this subject here

Here is another link to help with your pricing: Pool and Spa News Magizne took the top 50 Pool Builders in the United States the average prices for there pools

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