Deck Requirements for Hot Tub

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Deck Requirements for Hot Tub

I just bought a hot tub which will be ready in 4 weeks. Weather is too cold to build permanent deck location for Hot tub. I would like to put my hot tub on my current deck until I have the add-on deck built which is probably 2-3 months away.

My current deck is a 20'x26' with 5/4" decking on a 45 degree angle to the joist. There are 2x10" beams sandwich on 4x4 posts attached to the top of cement pillars that are sunk below the frost line. The beams are at each end of the length of the deck with a center beam so the 2x8 joists span approximately 12' from beam to beam. The joists overlap at the center beam approximately 1' and cantilever over the other end. The joists are 12" on center.

Is this deck sound enough to hold 5000# of hot tub, water, and humans until I can get the permanent deck built? Should I place the hot tub over the center beam, rather than on a section of the deck that may cause a sagging of the joists? If I made a mistake (because I am going to check to make sure before I put the hot tub on the deck) and the beams are 2x8 and the joists are 2x6, would I still be in good shape.

Any advice would be helpful.

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Hi Mike, I don't claim to be a structual engineer, I suggest you contact a general contractor or specialty contractor who makes decks on a regular basis, they should be able to answer your question, or keep monitoring this post as others here may be into the structual thing, one note tho most portable spas hold around 300 gal of water [ check with your mfg./] as to gallonage , water weighs in at 8.333 lbs. per gal. so 300 x 8.333 = 2499 lbs. 2 1/4 tons not even close to your stated 5000 lbs.

hope this helps, steve
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I have the same problem.

What I found so far:

Decks in the chicagoland area are made for 40 lbs per square foot. Up in Michigan where there's lots of snow there rated at 60 Lbs per sq foot.

My pool weights 650 dry plus 350 gals water 2916 plus 5 people at 150 lbs each 750 lbs for a total of 4316 in an area 7' x7' or 49 sqaure feet for a load of 88 lbs per square foot. I'm having an engineer design the nessarry reinforments. A lumber yard will make a good guess at it but only the engineer will give you a written guarentee.
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Go to your City Hall!!!!

they know...

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