Haywood / Jandy ?????


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Haywood / Jandy ?????

I've received two bids for a pool and plan to get one or two more. The price was close and the most obvious difference to me, although I don't know much about pools yet, is the equipment being proposed.

One contractor wants to use Haywood(?), and the other Jandy. What are the opinions out there about the two?

The pool will be 17' x 40' and basically rectangular. We might only have it 4'-5' deep across the whole pool, but we haven't ruled out a deep end. What HP pump should we be looking at? What other equipment should I ask about? We're considering a couple small water features - should they be on their own smaller booster pump?

For what it's worth, we're building this pool in the Fort Worth, TX area.

Thanks in advance...
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Hi Tim, its Hayward & Jandy two seperate companies,

personally i prefer pentair / purex whisperflow pumps, purex / pentair filters
the 4000 series d.e. , sta-rite maxi-therm heaters, purex / pentair compool controls [ the older 3000 series as in cp-3800 ] bulletproof , american products lights, [ unless you go with color changing lights , if so use hayward color lights ]

I have installed all the brands mentioned and repair ALL brands those included and for my money and when i built my pool i prefer " bullet proof " equipment, jandy and hayward have been around a long time, hayward is big on the east coast,

price is not the question here , as you will not find a big difference between the different makes of equipment.

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I guess its in what the pool guy sells and knows how to work on is best. Here it seems to go to Jacuzzi filters .I have one on my pool here now, works great. Dont use much DE at all. Use jandy valves on all pools.
now you dont say any theing about heat here . But could be in TEX Id say solar. But for now just after the filter in the return line put a jandy valve come off it about 1ft or so then two 90o and T back into the return line. This way if and when you want heat gas ele. or solar. You take off and return the water right back to the return line. dont have to rework all the lines.

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Didn't mention it, but even though we are in Texas, we are going to run a gas line to the pool now and install a heater.

Maintenance wise, is the Hayward or Jandy equipment comparable? The company with Hayward equipment says the pumps have 3 year warranties and he thought the Jandy only had 1 year.
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Maintenance wise, is the Hayward or Jandy equipment comparable?

regardless of what brand of equipment you buy, all will be shiny and bright and will get you through warranty.

however if you are open to exceptional equipment with a consistant track record , consider my first post,


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