spa odor


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Michele G
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spa odor

i just hooked up a 350 gallon hot tub on Thursday. I used it a few times, thursday night, friday night and most of the night last night. This evening when i went to get in there in had a horrible smell.

I added Leisure Time - Enzyme, anoth er bromine tablet, leisure time "bright and clear" (the water looked cloudy) and leisure time
"Defender" This has all been ciruclating in the spa for approximately one hour and I smell no relief!

Also, when i added these chemicals, there was a dirty foam line around the spa so i then added defoamer.

What is happening. Im worried i'm ruining the spa.

The people who installed the spa said i only needed to add a bromine table every five days and Leisure time "Oz" every seven..............
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Hi Michele, its hard to diagnose what you have goin on, however # 1 no you have not ruined your spa, # 2 if you don't have a 4 bottle test kit , by all means go buy one, # 3 go to your local pool / spa supply store [ preferbably not where you allready went to get the spa , as anyone who tells you to add any amount of chems with out first checking the water for chemical levels, are not to be relied upon for advise. sounds like you may be using a small floating chemical feeder ? or placing them directly into the skimmer opening ? [ not a good idea] check the chem levels BEFORE adding any chems, read your spa chemical maintenance, [ the one you are going to buy ] front to back, and highlight what you don't understand and then ask questions untill you do, for starters add 2 oz. of potassium monopersulphate this is a non chlorine oxidizing agent that will get rid of contaminates organic or in-organic and should rid the spa of any smell this will not alter the other chems , run the filter apx. 5 hrs. if you used any " scents " or " fragrants" for a nice smell , stop , you may have to clean the filter also. if the chlorine / bromine level is in the correct range, [ read your manual] and the ph, alakalinity, is in the correct range [ read your manual ] and the water is still not clear , clean your filter if you havn't allready, and run the filter 24 hours. it should clear up by then.

let us know, your results

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thrifty 50
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spa smell

Hi ,
I use Line Blaster instead of chlorine or bromine--I do not have the smell or the burnng eyes. I buy it at Solutions Usa 912-554-3700. Line Blaster has a web page where it has a lot of applications--fountains -fish ponds etc. Hope this helps

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