clear one day green the next


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clear one day green the next

well its getting around to opening the pool in different areas of the country,
youve had it covered all winter , you take the cover off and altho it may be a little cloudy, misc debris on the bottom , no big thing , you remove plugs, flush lines, prime pump and whatever else is the norm and the pump takes off,
day or two later pool is green as a gourd, help ! !

you did nothing wrong , the algae that accumilated during storage has now greened up due to photosynthisis [ spelling ? were not worried about spelling right now ]

what the heck do we do..... super addition of chlorine, clean the filter, and run that baby 24 / 7 and after 2 - 3 days , clear blue water, ahhhhh

lol steve
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If its that bad you might want to also clean the filter every other day. To start with . I know I have to on start up.


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