barefoot spa- filter and bib ****


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barefoot spa- filter and bib ****

We just bought a house that came with a hot tub. The spa does not have any paperwork and no one in this area services a Barefoot spa. I am trying to figure out how to clean the filter (and where is it?) and how to drain it. I found the bib **** in the side panel, hooked it up to the hose and opened the hose/gasket. Nothing drained. I can not seem to figure out why gravity draining did not work- is there a drain inside the tub I have to "open" as well? I was able to find the manual for the spa on-line, but there are no diagrams and it does not look like anything we have (the cover picture). Any ideas on the filter and drain?

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not at all familar with that brand, however.........does it have a skimmer ? an area where the water is drawn out and down to the pump ? generally that is where the filter is,

look inside the equipment panel / area there may be a valve shut off that controls water flow to the hose bib for draining ?

if not you can either syphon the water out or use a sump pump and pump it out.

hope this helps steve

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