Spa Frog Work?


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Spa Frog Work?

I just bought a Spa Frog and the spa guy said they work great. He said I can get rid of my bromine float and just use the frog and dump 1/2 cup chlorox in weekly. Has anyone done this and does it work or is there a better way? I would be nice to not have to keep buying and refilling the float. It says the frog will last 4 months
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Wink using frog too


im using the frog floating system which has a mineral and a bromine cartridge. the cartridges fit in this small green oval which floats around the tub. sounds like yours is different? i never heard of bleach being used?
i hope you bathing suit is white or it will be.

i got mine from and i'm really happy with it. made the whole thing so easy. i change the bromine cartridge once a month and the mineral one evry 4 months. the guys i bought the frog from helped so you may want to call them to be sure?

good luck with it.


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