hot tub leak


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hot tub leak

Hi, I found a leak at a jet with three pipes connected. the leaking pipe is 1 1/2". Leaking at the connection. What is the best method of removing the pipe from the connection. It is glued. I have the tub on it's side and removed the insulation. Thanks in advance, John
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Going to be tough. Probably pvc and joined with a pvc cement which is permanent. Solutions would be to try an exterior fix to the leak itself such as a waterproof epoxy product or to cut the offending piece out and splice in new. Might check with a pool supply place to see what they have that might stop the exisint leak in place.
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some questions , how much room do you have to work with ? is the piping flex or ridgid pvc ? if flex , you may be able to twist the pipe back and forth and work it loose if ridgid a tool called a ram bit will cut the pipe out of the jet leaving the socket intact, another solution is go to your local pool supply house and buy a snap fitting , looks like 1/2 of a coupling it snaps over the existing pipe and slides foward and around the offending break at where the pipe goes into the jet, clean all parts good and use pooltite glue , if you cant get pool tite a good medium setting glue will work, clean all parts with acetone and after repair is made wait 4 - 5 hours before filling with water.

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Thanks guys for the advice. It is flex pipe leaking at the fitting because they didn't use a 45 to make the conn. good.Do have some room to work, but not alot. The fitting has 4 inputs plus a jet output. Could be expensive to replace if I mess up the connection. I'll go to the supply house to check what they have.I'll get back to let you know what worked. Thanks again.

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