what do I do with winter cover?


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what do I do with winter cover?


I opened the pool last weekend and am wondering what to do with the winter cover.

It's a vinyl cover which the previous owners had stored in a garbage can.

My question is do i have to make sure it is totally dry before storing it?

Do i just put it back in the garbage can and pour a bit of algacide in it?

Do i need to fill the garbage can with water and algaecide?

Any ideas are welcome....

Also, the cover has a small tear here and there. I am thinking of using some Tuck tape to repair it. Do you think that would hold for next winter or is there some product that is better to repair vinyl?

Thanks again,

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Id let it get good and dry then put it back in that can. Dont put anything in with it. Let it be dry in there. Small tears in it I say its getting old and going . No duct tape will not fix it or hold it. Id start looking for a new one.

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I went to a pool school and they recommended squirting their product, Stowaway, into the folds of the cover, then you don't have to dry it. Or put it in the can , cover with water and add stowaway. TYhat's what I did. I do not know what the product is. Could it be just algaecide?

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