New to spas - Leak after winter store


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New to spas - Leak after winter store

Well...We're very new to this.
We inherited this spa through our recently purchased house, and it seemed to work fine at first, but the hideous gas bill caused us to drain it over the winter as per the manufacturers instructions (ran the lines dry, etc).
We tried filling it up at the weekend, and it seemed to be holding water well until we turned the jets on, and then a very noticeable steady pouring leak was seen from the mid way point of the spa. The 'FLO' indicator was on also, and one of the back 'turbo jets' didn't seem to have any flow at all.
3 days later and almost the entire water content has disappeared and seems to have stopped at just below the 4 water intakes at near the very bottom of the spa.

The spa itself is set flush into a large raised deck, underneath of which is a small crawl space.
We tried calling some spa and pool places and got some rather surprising reactions from them about possibly repairing it that made it sound like they'd be doing us a favor to let us pay them to look at it at all, and the smallest call out fee was 100 dollars.
This cost factor has made me wonder if this is something I should try to tackle on my own.
I'm a fairly competent person in general when it comes to things like this, but I'm just at a complete loss as to where I should start and the best methods of tracking down a leak that's so enclosed.
I've looked on-line and found some fairly informative sites, but they're also very generic and don't seem to cover advice where fully insulated spas (insulated in spray on foam) are concerned.
The brand is Safari Spa. All motor assemblies and a gas heater are located indoors inthe adjacent garage and seem to be functioning well, so hopefully this narrows problems down to the fittings on the tub themselves.

My apologies for asking such a general question as this, but I really just need some advice in how to start and diagnose what's wrong here.
I know the foam will need to be removed to some degree, but again, I can't find out any information on how to minimize the removal or how to remove it at all...

Where do I start?

My thanks in advance.

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I too inherited a similar problematic tub 5 years ago when I bought my house. Like you, the repair techs would be happy to look at my tub for $125/hour (ain't Washington DC rates grand?).

I dealt with the problem for a long time by adding water, a lot of water, and chemicals. Lots of money, lots of water.

After posting a message on this forum last month, I was told to look for a product called "Fix-a-leak" from a company out of Canada, Marlig Industries. There are a bunch of US distributors. I bought mine from a company in California and would be happy to send the web address along if you'd like.

For about $25 I got a bottle and poured in the requisite amount. The leak has totaly stopped!!! Pretty cool stuff. You need to follow the directions carefully and remove your filter before pouring it in, but the Marlig folks are pretty cool. I e-mailed them with a few questions and they called me back within a couple of days.

I highly recommend the product.

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Any idea what it is and how it works?

I've seen the stuff advertised, at least something similar, and just thought it must be some quick fix snake oil type product.

Any idea how it manages to fix the leak but doesn't gum up any workings (considering theres air lines, etc).

The link would be great, thanks.

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From what I understand, it will only fill a crack 1/8th inch or less and as long as you follow the directions for amount of product for the amount of water in your spa, you'll be fine. I suppose if way too much was put in, it would begin to build up in the tighter hoses/fittings.

This is where I got it. (

Here is the email address of the Marlig staffer that got back to me if you want to contact them directly (

It's not snake oil, but I wouldn't use it to get tobacco stains out of your shirt ;-) (Sorry, Clint Eastwood sphagetti-western movie reference, Outlaw Josie Wales)

I used it in my tub about a month ago and the water level is holding steady.

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