D.E. in Sand Fileter!!!! HELP

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Question D.E. in Sand Fileter!!!! HELP

OK... Here's my problem. Last year I bought and house w/ a pool. My Father in Law told me I had an earth filter and need to add earth to help some of the cloudiness.
I added the recommended amount for my pool(18 feet round), and later found out that I don't have an earth filter but a sand filter.
Well I spent all last summer trying to backwash ti and filter it out, but it didn't work. My pool stayed cloudy.
So, now what do I do. Is there any chemical remedy for this, or do I just replace the sand in my filter. If I need to replace the sand where do I buy it? - at a regular pool store. Also, does anyone have an idea about how much it costs.
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sand filters do not filter as well as de filters, you will have to use a clearifier with your sand filter, sand filters need to be backwashed each wek to stay at there optimum efficiency, if your filter sand has not been changed in 4 years, change it ! use # 20 silica sand , check on your filter for brand and size , when you have all the sand out remove the laterals those are the the tubes in the bottom that look like a spoke wheel , apx 1 inch in diameter, they have small slits on the underside remove them and check , replace any that are broken.

each time you backwash you again have to add a filter aid, such as alum or other flocculating ageant, commonly called a clearifyier,

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Not quite sure what issues you've had with Sand Filters in the past, but my pool is crystal clear and I only have to backwash once/ month. Never need to add any type of Floculant or Clarifier.
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Over the years I have had all 3. The Cartage Is ok a pain to clean all the time. Sand did a good job water was clear. With the De I went over to the one that has the fiberglass bags in it like and some De . Found that that one worked best of all . It used very little De to load it after you wash and cleaned it out.
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The sand is cheap and you buy it at a pool store. It's easy to change if you can get the filter apart. Some people say it wears out, some people say it gets better as it ages. Not gonna go there ! Another site I frequent has people who add a cup or two of DE to the sand filter - and they swear it helps. ( I'm too chicken to try that)

In your case you added DE to a filter that was not designed for it. It has smaller particles than the sand can trap.

If I were you I would try the flocculate additive for a while, with frequent backwashings. Another thing that may help is to apply the flocculate, let it set overnight, ( the DE will settle to the bottom, then vacuum to waste.)

If your pool is closed - I would do this when opening:

1. Replace or clean the sand. ( If you don't know how old it is, change it. Its a good idea to clean new sand too, there is a lot of dust in it.
2. Over fill the pool, and vacuum to waste - don't let the stuff on the bottom go through your clean sand. Vacuum VERY slowly.

If your filter does not have a vacuum to waste - one thing that works is:

1. Over fill the pool
2. Prime the vacuum and hose, and throw the hose over the side, and use siphoning to vacuum the fine particles off the bottom.
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yes DE can be added as a Filter Aid. add 1 cup of DE to a gal or 2 of water to form a slurry and slowly pour in the skimmer.

yes i would replace the sand in your filter, be very careful when doing so not to damage the little finger looking things in the bottom of the tank. make sure you add the corrct amount of filter sand . fill the tank aprox. half full of water and add the sand slowly until you have at least 6-8 inches in the bottom.

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