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Questions re: leak found in Hot Springs Spa, how to fix?

I hope someone can answer @ least one question and perhaps someone else answer another for me here. So here we go First of all :

I found a leak I knew existed but was not sure where to find it. The spa is a smaller Hotsprings Spa (Jetsetter). I dug into the hard bottom shell which protecs the foam insulation. My leak was in an area just beneath the middle filter where you have to put the garden hose to fill it. Can I cut out the damaged area with a sawzall? It appears to be 45 degree elbow & perhaps right where the seam is. The leak seems to be on the top of the joint or @ least in an area near this joint. It is ridgid & not flexible plumbing that was used. Are there reducers that allow a piece of pvc to go inside the smaller (looks like 3" plumbing) or will I have to scrap off the insulation that is bonded pretty well to the existing plumbing to go over it with another piece slightly larger? Then, at the slightly larger end where the elbow joined the other smaller straight piece can that also be made to fit inside the remaining piece after the elbow is cut out?

Question 2 :mask: when I fill back in the foam insulation, will it matter if the foam is the same as what is in there currenty? The foam I have seen mentioned on other threads from Home Depot may not be the same Color. The foam in the Hot Springs Spa is White. Does this mean anything? Is the insulation factor any different or is the density any different? How much residue from the scraping of the old material is ok to leave? must it be totally lint free of old material for it to work? Can it bond to the old stuff ok? How much is needed or better yet, how much can the box I buy from Home Depot cover? I have a pretty good size hole dug out to get to the leak. I bet it is 4-6" deep and maybe 8-10" square. Do I just spray it in & let it self level (while the spa is turned upside down of course) or do I need to put something in there to help it smooth out as it cures? Does anyone know if this generally will happen in one spot if the water is thought to be all drained out or are there more low spots where this may have occurred?

Finally, How do I get that hard shell back on there like it was before I broke thru to dig out the foam? Is that fiberglass or some type of epoxy and where do I find such a thing? How do I apply that to make it all seal back up?

I appreciate any help.

Oh yes, one other thing. How long do I have to get the pieces of PVC in place since I have to work them back & forth once I connect them together to position them as they seem to bond pretty quick?


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Hi John, for starters Hot Spring makes a super spa, the piping your refering to is probably 1 1/2 " not 3 " we go by the the inside diameter not the outside diameter , yes they do make insider couplings, however if the crack is indeed where you can see it there is a pvc repair kit consisting of pvc powder and a liquid [ like mek ] that you mix togeather apply to the fitting and believe me IT WORKS ! aks at your local pool supply store, its called PLAST-AID the foam you buy from home depot will work just fine , disregard the color.

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Steve, I have read some of your comments on other issues and was hoping you would reply. Thanks for your answers they are really helpful. I thinks if I can remove more of the foam from above the leak, I may be able to apply the plast-aid you mentioned. I plan to work on it more this evening. Just got in from work. RE: the hard shell bottom, is that fiberglass or some sort of epoxy, I believe it is needed and should be put back on for bottom support for the foam once I put it back in there. Is it necessary to put back over the foam?
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