Swimming Pool Installation

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I have a fairly level area to put an above ground pool - am I nuts to try the install myself?
Any pointers???????.
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Hello Rod:

I see you have waited here a long time for a reply from someone. <By now you could have, if not already, have the pool installed.>

Apprarently there isn't anyone willing to offer their two cents. Therefore, I offer you my two pennies worth.

First I would suggest you visit the local retail store and ask them. If they intend to sell you an above ground pool, I would think they would and should be able to supply you with full details for self installation and have the do it yourself booklets and maybe VCR tapes.

Next, surf the web by using search engines. If there is anything written in text, you should be able to find several sources in a few hours time. If you do, I am sure you will find lots and give your printer a hell of a good workout too. haha

The best as I can remember, from many many moons ago as a kid, installing one with my Dad, we dug out the upper layer of top soil first. Then dumped in a layer of sand and smooth that till level.

Once the pool was up, we built a redwood deck around it with stairs. That was lots of wood and even years ago rather costly. However, it lasted years in winter weather and even deep snow.

Good Luck

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I haven't personally installed an above ground pool, but I have seen mine installed twice.(It was taken out buy the Jackson,TN tornado and that's another story) Anyway, it seems fairly easy. You basically level out an area where you want it and take the top layer of soil and grass up.(They used a bobcat on mine.) Once level, apply a grass killer available from your local pool store called ZAPIT. Next put on a layer of smooth sand about 2-3 inches. Smooth out evenly. Get a Bunch of what I call "Bungie Cords" and metal stakes(this is the key). You will need these for the outer metal shell of the pool. This will hold it up. Once it is up, you install the stainless steel panel to connect both ends of the shell(lots of screwing). Next, with a couple of buddies, lay your liner in and make sure it overlaps the edges evenly. Then get a shop vac and a roll of duck tape. Tape off the outlet hole(Skimmer into filter) and put your shop vac hose in the return(out from filter) hole and tape it off. You want it air tight. Turn your shop vac on and suck all of the air out from between the shell and the liner. Work the creases out of the liner as you are sucking the air out. Once the liner is in, put on the top caps and start filling your pool with water. Next hook up your pump, filter. hoses, etc. This is about it in a nutshell. It's not as easy as it sounds but it can be done with a lot of patience, time(weekend project) and help. Hope this helps.

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