Can my dog go in my pool?

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Cool Can my dog go in my pool?

I have a black lab who loves water and whines non-stop when we use our pool.

Can I let him in? What can I do to protect my pump and sand filter from the dog hair? Will his claws damage the vinyl liner? Also, I have no steps into the pool, only 2 ladders. Any ideas on a ramp or other method for the dog to exit the pool?

Thanks very much
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We let our Golden Retriever in a couple of times a month; doesn't seem to have any negative effects.

Mostly his hair floats and is picked up in the skimmer basket, so I don't think the pump and/or filter will be a problem. We have a plaster pool, so I can't tell you about the vinyl liner, but my gut instinct is it might be at risk. Getting in and out will be a head-scratcher; is he smart enough to learn how to climb stairs?
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Thanks for the response, Tow Guy

I was really worried about the hair thing, but now at least my mind's at ease with that one..

I'm thinking about booties on his paws to protect the vinyl (my neice has some for her greyhound for when he runs on the snow in Calgary)

Now I just have to teach an 11 year old arthritic dog to climb a ladder. No prob, he knows left from right, and can teleport from a mile away when you crack open a bananna or a bag of chips.....

(In actuality, I was thinking of buying a diving board and using it as a ramp for the dog. Think this will work?)

Thanks again
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the nail thing could very well be a problem ,

a person contaminates 500 gal of water 1 dog = 50 people.
source , National Pool & Spa Institute .

however im guilty also, so protect his claws, and after a good swim in the pool add a little extra chlorine and next day ck. & adjust the ph.

lol steve
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I have a German Shorthaired Pointer that loves to swim in our above ground vinyl lined pool. I haven't had any problems other than having to say no. It started last year when we only had a ladder to get in and out of the pool. He didn't have any trouble learning to use the ladder to climb in and out of the pool. He would just jump off the ladder and start swimming.

Your dog is pretty well the same size as mine most likely, and he doesn't touch the bottom much. Mostly we try to keep him away from the edge.

The diving board may actually be too slippery.. Steps going into the pool aren't really that much more I'd think, this year I built a deck with steps going in and the stairs into the pool were about $200, and it's much easier for my dog than the ladder... Also it's good because it's easier for him to rest, and to get out when he has other things he needs to do.

Really, I'd suggest focussing more on getting your dog out than getting him in!

Our other dog is a retreiver mix, but he doesn't really go for swimming. He's content to stand nearby when our GSP gets out and shakes all the water off.

And you might want to watch the pool maintainance accessories. We've got a turbo turtle thermometer (has a rubber turtle on top) and we have to take it out when the dog goes swimming, he thinks it's a toy.
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I apologize, this has turned into a long post...but it might also save a life.

I have a black lab and black lab mix. The 3 of us live within the Sierra Nevada Mountains. We are just below 3000ft elevation which means 100+ degree days in the summer. I, luckily have a 40 to 50 yr. old concrete pool. I swim the dogs several times a day to keep them cool. Not that they really need my help! lol.

I have the standard stairs so getting in and out is not a problem for them. They are well mannered in this respect...if there is not an 'adult' to watch them in the pool for some odd reason (self-taught) they will only go to the 2nd step which puts the water level at their belly.

Water dogs are going to do water. I think there is even an addition to Murphy's Law about this fact. All my Labs have been as smart as they are dumb; so teaching them water safety and jr. life saving has been easy. A little safety training has been the key to 9 summers of fun.

My male is a self taught life guard or just a nervous nelly. If anyone screams and splashes at the same time, he dives in and 'rescues' the victim. Rescuing means holding an arm in his mouth and dragging you back to the stairs. He doesn't break skin but this is still painful to children. I had to teach him the word 'stairs' to keep everyone safe. He does return rapidly to the stairs w/ that command. You too may find a need for some such command for your lab. I educate my guests as well giving them a demonstration of what the dog will do. I think it is more for me though....less screaming from kids!!

My male also believes that the old saying "Every Man is an Island" is true. He will swim out to you and then try to climb on and up your body. This can be life threatening for smaller children. I haven't been able to eliminate this behavior but again with a simple command he does stop quite rapidly.

I have also taught this lab to dive/swim under water. He is the first lab I have actually had to teach this 'trick'. My reasoning you ask? If a toddler does a "disappear in the blink of an eye" and ends up in the pool, I want my life guard to save the baby.

There are just a lot of little things to think about and even incorporate into your summer fun. Your lab and it's behaviors in and near the water will dictate what you teach or don't teach your family and your dog.

A bonus, though it may just be an old wives tale....we don't have a flea or tick problem what so ever. I have been told chlorine takes care of those critters.

Now, if I can just get this lab to go off the diving board with me!!!!

Have a fun and safe summer!!
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My 2 cents

I have a Golden Retriever that swimms in our pool everyday and even has her own float she suns on while in the pool.No problem with the hairs they get caught in the skimmer and I keep her brushed.
I also have a vinal lined inground pool but I have steps were she goes in and out of and she does not have long nails.I would worry more about the nails ripping the liner then the hair.
Make sure she knows how to get out my mom had her dog drown while they were gone one day.
My dog loves the pool and jumps in after balls and has so much fun swimming I would swear she might be part fish

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