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have a above ground pool, dug up area for pool, put down weed killer, put roofing felt down and sand on top of this. still get weeds through the liner. went through 3 liners this summer. any help to stop the weeds?
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There are two basic types of weed killer. "Burn down" weed killers such as Roundup kills growing weeds but do not prevent future growth. Systemic weed killers such as Pramitol are taken up by the roots. Pramitol can remain effective for years. This may be a consideration if you plan to move (or remove) your pool. Please remember to read and follow label directions when using pesticides. Be safe and stay happy.
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The systematic weed killer is an absolute must as mentioned above. That cannot be overstated. Actually, now that I think of it, you should be buying a Systematic Vegetation killer which is much more costly than any brand of weed killer. So if you got a bargain price for a few bucks, you probably did not buy "systematic vegetation killer". There are products called 'systematic weed killer' which is easy to confuse with 'systematic vegetation killer', but you want the later because you want to kill lawn grass and everything; not just weeds. So look for the 2 words, 'systematic' and 'vegetation' on the label.

I also want to point out 2 other items. First, you said you dug out for the pool, but that does not always mean you had to remove all sod. So my first advice is to be sure and remove all sod where dormant seeds lie.

Secondly, after you apply the weed killer to the soil, and after the sand base is laid, treat the sand with weed killer too. This will kill any noxious weed seeds hidden in the sand. I will assume that you have clean sand from a quarry to begin with and not scraped up from around the property, such as a sand pit, etc.

I had quack grass grow through my liner on my small 12' pool years ago. Its quite an amazing act of nature, huh! The liner was much thinner than a liner used on a 15' professional type pool. I now have the larger pool with heavy liner and have no more grass problems.

Good luck and Do It Yourself!

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skip the weed killer go to the rock

Skip the weed killer and go for the CEMENT. Create a cement floor and use it as a sports court (basketball/handball/skating) in the off season. If you can't beat em ... CEMENT em.

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Killing weeds

Go environmental. Combine 5 lbs of Rocksalt with 5 gallons of hot water and mix it to get as much salt disolved as possible. The spray the brine mix and keep adding water and spraying until all 5lbs is gone. I've been told its about as permanent a killer as anything.

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