Normal evaporation or leak?


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Normal evaporation or leak?

What is considered normal evaportation for an 18 x 36 heated inground pool? The temp has been in high 70 - low 80s with quite a bit of usage by two kids. Water level seems to be dropping about 1 inch every two days. I had a seal leaking in the pump and fix it. That seemed to help quite a bit but still seems to me like that much loss is abnormal. The liner is new.
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sounds normal with 2 kids, however a simple test , turn pump off, fill a pan to a known level mark water line, then mark water line on pool , place pan next to pool on the deck , let sit 24 hours no kids permitted in pool , re check both levels they should be fairly equal in evaporation. next repeat procedure with pump running .

lol steve

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