Need Immediate Help PLEASE


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Need Immediate Help PLEASE

We are building a pool (owner/builder). We are in Cape Coral, FL and have had TONS of rain for 12 days. This morning, the pool has been raised up about 1 foot on the long back side. The pool was ready to be coated, it is complete other than the coating and there is no deck yet. Right now we are filling it with water hoping that the weight of that will help push it back down. We did start to pump some ground water out but stopped when we realized that that could cause dirt to fill in under the pool faster. If you have ANY advice, we need it bad. We've called every pool place we can find and nobody will even give us any advice due to liability (whatever). Thanks in advance, Jon.
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Yes you have a big problem, adding water will not help. Your pool has floated; hydrostatic pressure has pushed your pool upwards. (Take an empty glass, fill your sink up with water then push the glass down 90% of the way and release the glass. The glass pops upward) this is what happened to your pool. Fixing this is complicated and without seeing your pool it is hard to do in this forum. I would consult a Repeatable Pool Builder in your area and hire them to fix your problem. This is one reason owner building pools is a risky idea...
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Sounds like you are no way with code there at all. AWhen you put a new pool in down here you need the bed and sand point under the pool for a pump out at anytime you go to empty the pool. Also when you gun the pool in you put a hole in the bottom of it through the cement. This will let any ground water into the pool and it wont come up out of the ground as you let the pool cure and the under ground pump is off. When its setup you turn the under ground pump on wash the pool down good and clean. Plug the hole in the bottom when all the water is out. Go with the marcite and fill the pool as you back out. after the pool is full take the under ground pump off.
So you could try the hole in the bottom of the pool now might let it downsome

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at this point you more than likely an have irreversable problem, Ed has good
advise by drilling the hole the water underneath the shell can fill into the shell and MABY , big MABY here, settle the pool shel back in a resonable amount.

however if , again a big IF, it does settle back before you go any further , adding , the deck, and plastering, pressure test all your plumbing lines 35 psi code here, as its very possible you may find broken piping / fittings, you would have to repair them before continuing .

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