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curt o.
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Question Great Site!!!!

Have read about 11 pages of this forum, alot of great info here, a couple of questions. 1) I have an 18 x 36 inground vinyl liner pool shallow end 3ft ,deep end 9ft. How do you figure average depth of pool what is the formula? 2) I've read alot about choline generators, but very little on copper ioninzing units. do they work? what are the pluses and minus of such a system? fairy cheap 2oo bucks and 1oo bucks to change ioninzing rods every season. Thanks for any info . curt
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Hi curt , gallonage is not too complicated, mulitiply length x width x ave. depth x 7.5 = total gal.

in your case 18 x 36 x ave depth. 6 ft. x 7.5 = 29,000 plus however most vynal liner pools have a sloped hopper down to the bottom on the deep end
[ unlike a gunnite ] and most pools are 8 ft. not 9 [ i know yours may very well indeed be 9 ] but going with the 8 ft. as the deepest it figures out this way,

18 x 36 x 5.5 x 7.5 = 26,730 i personally would use the 26,000 figure due to the configuration of the hopper.

salt / chlorine generation is, in my opinion the only way to go, add enough salt to bring the levels to 2500 to 3000 ppm and the system does all the rest, I like the unit made by auto-pilot [ florida ] been in business making these systems longer than the rest, and are far superior in many ways,

water feels silky, smooth and no smell , eye burn , .

providing you keep up on your maintenance , its very likely you will not need and algaecide , its important with chlorine of any type to keep the ph within the acceptable range of 7.4 - 7.6

lol steve
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curt o.
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Great Site!!!

Steve thanks for all your help. Just a couple more questions.1) Has anyone out there had an silver/copper ionizer hooked to their pool to keep it clean? if so how does it work? I've read alot about chlorine generators, but want to know more about all my options. 2)I know to mutiply width x length x 7.5 to get gallons for pool, but what is the formula for getting average depth of pool? thanks for all the help, Curt
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Avg Depth of Pool

Hi Curt,
Maybe I can help you with your second question. For example, if your pool has three gradations, like your left shallow part is 4 feet, your right shallow part is 5 feet, and deepest part is 6 feet, add 4 plus 5 plus 6 = 15 feet. Then divide 15 by 3 = 5. 5 is your average depth. Hope this helps.
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