new pool install question


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new pool install question

Hello again I have a Q regarding the hopper of the pool. In my video and manuel they say to pour a concrete bottom on the deep end to hold the main drain and stuff, leaving 2 inches from finished depth to accomadete grout/vermiculite. Now my pool contractor disagrees with this and wants to hold the main drain in place by gravel and then just groute over the gravel( entire hopper covered by 6 inches of gravel) Also it my be noted that I am in clay and have a high water table (almost right at 8' which is the finished depth) and I am from North Western Ontario where we do get cold (-40) for long periods of time. Does tgis seem like the better route to you fella's?

Thankx alot
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I personally have not installed one , have been on site during the different phases of install , seems either one would work, however my concerns would be,

if you don't follow the manufactures instructions to the letter , you may void the warranty.

lol steve
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with the water table being that high it seems like gravel would be the way to go.
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Just installed in Ontario too...

I am in NE Ontario, also in clay with a higher water table than yours (mine is at 4' level of pool).

Why use a drain at all? If it is an indoor pool, you theoretically don't have to drain it ever. If it is an outdoor pool, simply place a sump pump in it at the end of your season. No drain, no plumbing, no worries.
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reubendog, " main drain" is actually a suction port, wwhere ever it got the name drain is beyond me , as yes, it does suggest one could open some valve and just " drain " the pool . you can generally isolate the main suction and drain some / most of the water using the pump , pumping to waste.


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