what low-power secondary pump to buy?


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what low-power secondary pump to buy?

this is for a custom wooden hot tub i am building...

hey guys, I just ordered a pentair whisperflo 2 HP pump thinking that it was a two-speed pump, but I have now found out after looking at it that it's a single speed... their dual speeds run up to 800 bucks apparently (a guy on told me this on the phone.)

I'm thinking about just buying a second pump which is very low power and cheap, in order to just run it when i only want to keep the water filtered... the whisperflo will take care of the jets and the main circulation when people are in the tub...

any suggestions?
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if you havn't installed the pump yet and still have the original box it came in, call the place you purchased it from and see if they will accept return for a 2 speed , and pay the difference, should be cheaper than buying a second pump, the smallest pump in the whisperflow line is 1/2 hp still more pump than you need, when you go further down in hp you will wind up with a lesser quality pump,

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Sorry to hear you ordered something that didn't fit your intended use.

If you are going to add a smaller circulating pump, do you have what you need to allow this pump to run on seperate (suction) and (return) lines(prefered)?
Will you be using the small pump for Filtration and Heating as well? How many Jets? What sized plumbing do you currenty have? Will you have adaquate flow for the 2Hp that you will be using?

Using the exsisting plumbing you could draw and return the water before and after the larger pump if need be, by changing the plumbing to accept the circulation pump, but if not done correctly (without check valves) you could spin the impeller off the small pump when the "jet" pump is on.

Good Luck
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yeh the problem is that the website i got the pump off of probably doesnt have the dual-speed pump (it's not shown on their website at least). i'l call them tomorrow and see what i can do though.

i would much rather have a dual speed pump, if i would've gotten a smaller 2nd pump i was going to just have the pmups in parallel w/ ball valves or something and switch them over manually... it would really be a pain...

so yeh, hopefully i can swap this one or something.
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