Clouds and rust in the pool...

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Clouds and rust in the pool...

I'm having a heck of a time trying to get our inground pool water to a crystal clear state.
I've shocked it and treated it with a product that's supposed to help make the water sparkle and vacumed it every night for a week now, but it's still cloudy to the point that the drain at the deep end is hardly visible.
Any good suggestions?

Around the perimeter of our pool where it slopes away from the bottom of the walls, there are tiny specks of what appears to be rust. Any ideas what causes these and a fix?

I'm really beginning to consider filling in this nightmare once and for all and be done with it..
Help save a pool!!

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water clearity depends upon 3 things, circulation , filtration , water chemistry, if the water is not flowing enough water, example....dirty filter,
clogged skimmer basket, or pump basket, clogged impeller, air leak, low water level, filtration , example, dirty filter, algae in filter, filter too small,
sand filters & cartridge filters can in themselves present there own problems,
water chemistry, no chlorine, ph too high, tds too high, etc.

the little spects you describe sounds like algae, clean your filter, add d.e. if you have a d.e. filter, if you have a cartridge filter [ hopefully 300 to 400 sq. ft. capacity ] add apx 2 to 3 large hand fulls of d.e. if you have a sand filter backwash that baby good and add a filter aid , if the sand is 4 yrs. or older, replace the sand ,

add chlorine to 4.0 ppm adjust p.h. to 7.4 - 7.6 , take a water sample to your pool store , to find out, conditioner level, 50 ppm minimum ,
total alkalinity apx 120 ppm tds hopefully not over 3000 ppm

add swimtrine plus per the instructions , you have to know the total gallons of water in the pool , don't guess .

run the filter 24 / 7 till it clears, when the filter is cleaned make a note of the psi reading , when this initial reading increases another 6 psi , clean the filter again , regardless of how long its been since the last cleaning.

post back with your results


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