Beaded Liner looks to small at cove


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Question Beaded Liner looks to small at cove

Hi, I just bought a new 15'x24' 4.5 deep above ground pool, with a beaded liner. Never had a beabed liner befor and it seems like at the bottom/cove the liner is to small all the way around the bottom. I used a shop vac to pull air out, but right at the cove it is about 2 or so inches of air and the liner is tight, i can push on it and it seems to beable to stretch down but will be realy tight, Will the water help, should it be that tight? I have read everything on line and can't find out if thats the way it does or what should i do? My kids and I have been working on this pool for a couple weeks now. Lots of digging to level. Now this Someone Please Help!!! Thanks
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I went thru the same thing. 24' x 4' deep.
It was a used pool from my parents when they sold their house. ( only 8 yr old).
It had a beaded liner and when I put it in mine I experienced the same thing except app 4-8 inches away from cove. I finally figured that either I had the steel wall too high or the bottom needed raising. My thoughts was that it would need to be EXACT depth to get the liner to fit right. Well, I was too frustrated to do any more digging to lower the wall and didn't want to put in fill to raise the bottom so I chose to buy an over the wall liner. As I was filling it I let the water "work" the liner to find it's own place and just let the excess liner over the wall.
This way the slight uneveness of my bottom and wall was adjusted for.
I still don't understand how you would get a beaded liner to come up to the reciever at the exact height to lock in but it was done originally like that.

Hope this helps.
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I just bought this pool new for almost $2,000 so, I sure don't want to spend anymore on another liner. So my thought is to just add sand around the cove unless i knew for sure that the liner would stretch as the water goes in. Thank You

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