Pump/Heater out of sync


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Unhappy Pump/Heater out of sync

A few weeks ago I noticed the shaft seal leaking on my hot tub pump. I took the motor and pump off and took it in for repair. Once fixed, I put it back in. Now what happens is that when the heater comes on, the pump comes on high speed. I then push the button to select the lower speed, but 15 minutes later it comes back on high speed again. Also, if I try to shut the pump off completely, it comes back on high speed. It seems that the pump is doing the wrong thing depending on what the heater is doing. Another problem is that if I leave the hot tub on, the heat slowly rises past the thermostat setting and becomes too hot. Due to this I have to shut the hot tub off and on via the breaker panel, and only turn it on prior to using it. I was very careful to ensure the wiring was reconnected as it was when I disconnected it, so now I'm at a total loss. I would rather not remove the pump and control unit to take it back in for repair, but I don't know what else to do.
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sounds like you have the low speed and high speed wires reversed, leave common alone and switch the other two .

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Changed the high and low speed wires and it now works correctly. That's what I get for following the wiring diagram. Apparently whoever worked on it previously mixed up the wires in the control box, so when I followed the wiring diagram those were reversed. It now works like a charm. Next time I work on it I will reverse the wires in the control box and motor so the next person who has to deal with this doesn't run into the same problem. Thanks so much!!

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