Newbie w/Polaris connection questions


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Newbie w/Polaris connection questions

This is my first season with a liner pool and a Polaris cleaner. My history has been with concrete bottom pools and Creepy Crawly cleaners. Since I bought the house after it was closed last fall, I inherited a "box of parts, mostly". I have an older Polaris unit that does not come up on any Polaris web page for pdf owners manuals. It has the typical 2 wheels on one side and one wheel on the other side. When I connect everything, the cleaner goes to the nearest wall and stops. If you place it in the line of some dirt, it will drive straight to the dirt and vacuum it up just fine, then drive straight to a wall and stop. I must have the hoses connected wrong or something. It has a feed hose from the pool wall that I have connected to the top fitting and a "tail" that I have connected to the fitting that also has a hex nut that seems like an adjustment screw. The other port on the back is open. Thanks for any help, Ken
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Getting desperate for Polaris help

I've watched this possessed Polaris cleaner and it appears that it's problem may not be that it just drives into the nearest wall or to the end of the hose. Instead, it starts to move but only tips onto the nose and drive in that position to the wall, etc. t seems to have ALOT of water pressure at the thruster and coming out of the bottom of the cleaner. Sure would appreciate any advice, or direction to a web page with diagrams and instructions. Can't find a model number anywhere, only a serial number 281138. Thanks, Ken

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