Just noticed my white skimmer is yellow


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Just noticed my white skimmer is yellow


We moved into the house last summer, i don't think that I have had any major problems balancing the pool so far. But just this past weekend I noticed that my white jets and skimmer appear to be a little bit yellow.

Does anyone know what would cause this? And what would i do to clean them?

I know that the alkalinity has been going a bit high - so i have added muriatic acid which brought the level down. could that be related?

Thanks for any help.

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the yellow color generall suggest iron in the water, try to keep the ph in the 7.4 - 7.6 range [ yes this may mean more frequent additions of muratic acid ] also check your pool for total gallons, as ALL additions of chemicals are dependent upon this factor.

you can remove the yellow from the skimmer and fittings, by taking a rag with muratic acid on it and wiping the effected parts, don't get the acid on your concrete deck and wear rubber gloves, the skimmer lid as you know can be removed , and in most cases the directional fitting and ring can be removed on the others , if this is a vynal liner pool the fittings are sandwiched with stainless steel screws , don't remove the screws. if this is a fiberglass pool the outside ring and eyeball only should come off don't go any further, if you should try to clean them in place don't get acid on the fiberglass .



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