Hardness problem


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Hardness problem

Hello, First off thank you for providing this help and support. I have a swimming pool that I would like to fill with my well water and unfortunately the water is very hard and needs a lot of work. I already tried to fill my swimming pool with the well water and the result was a lot of scale formation and it looks like the water contains some iron in it as well because there is a reddish orange deposit that looks just like rust. If at all possible could you help me with this problem and recommend some products or something else to solve this. Could you also explain how I could maintain the pool better inorder to reduce the scaling and rust deposits (i.e.reducing the ph to 7.2 or something like that). Thank you much for this. Sincerely, Mike
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you failed to mention what type pool you have , gunite, vynal liner , fiberglass,

you can connect a series of soft water tanks in order to wind up with total dissolved solids in the proper range for your type of pool, contact your local water softner dealer they normally bring out several tanks hooked togeather and you connect to the tank with your garden hose and another goes to the pool they will pick them up when filling is complete, you might want to consider buying a unit [ or renting one ] just for pool make-up fill water in the furture.

rember in a gunite pool you cannot have total soft water as this will have an adverse effect on your plaster.

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Hello Stevie,

Thanks abunch for the reply . I have a vinyl pool. To give you more explanation on what I have and also what I have read I live in North Dakota and unfortunately because of this we have to drain it and refill it every year. Also I do have access to the city water of which is very balanced but again unfortunately I live in a rural area and the price we pay for this water is 10 times the amount that people have to pay in the city. It works out to be about 300 dollars to fill or pool (25,000 galloons). Perhaps I should just pay the 300 dollars each year to fill it and forget about all this other stuff. Of course I will also have to pay for water lose due to evaporation and other stuff. I did a test on our water and it looks like we have about 1100 ppm of calcium hardness. Of course that doesn't include all the Iron and what not in it. I read that by using the langelier index that if your keep the ph low and the total alkalinity low we could actually prevent the scale from forming. I don't know if this is possible but on the langelier index if I keep the ph at 7.2, the total alkalinity at 100, calcium hardness is 1100 as stated above, and if the temparature of the water is 76 degrees fehrenheit I am in the safe zone. About the iron know I have read some ideas and other ways of removing it but one caught my eye and here is what it said (I have been reading in this forum that many people have a problem with iron in their pool water. I would like to suggest the following method of removing iron from pool water.This does fly in the face of Bioguard and other chemical company recommendations but it does work, I have used this method to remove iron of 5ppm and higher in pool water.
If you have just filled your pool from a well of other source that has iron in it. You must first put a large amount of chlorine into the water, 1 or 2 kg depending on the size of your pool. This must then be followed with a floccuant again the amount depends on the size of the pool. What happens is the chlorine oxidizes the iron out of the water and the floccuant then throws it down to the bottom of the pool where it can be vacuumed to waste the next day. If the water from the well has a low PH this must first be raised to 7.8 or higher for the floccuant to work correctly.
If this is done correctly there should be a zero reading of iron in your water the next day.) There is also products online that state that they can lower calcium hardness and this is the url if you wanna take a look http://www.intheswim.com/Pool-Chemic...dness-Reducer/ I don't know about all these methods and chemicals but with all these added costs of chemicals mayby the mose cost efficient thing to do is to just use the city water. Thanks alot for your help and support. I appreciate it alot. MIKE
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I have well water and a water softener. Will that take care of the problem for me? We got a quote for filling our pool of $1050. Since we are building the pool (vinyl liner), I thought I could just start filling it once the liner is in with a couple of garden hoses and by the time we do everything else like pour the concrete, that the poll would be full - or at least full enough to save money on the water.

Is this a bad idea?

We're going to be using a salt based chlorine generator, so wouldn't be normally using any chlorine.

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