Need tips on setting up 24' pool.


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Need tips on setting up 24' pool.

We are getting a used 24' pool, and don't really know that much about setting it up. We know that we have to level the ground and that sand needs to be put down, although we don't know how much sand you are supposed to use. What other steps are involved? Any advice at all will be greatly appreciated!

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I went thru the same thing a month ago.
I tried to reuse the 4 yr old liner but ended up replacing it.
I would suggest purchasing the coping/wedge styrofoam with the sticky back for the bottom edge. Also, I learned the hard way that you need to get the wall top edge level within 1" like the manuals say. I didn't and I have probably 3" out of level. Seems to be OK but visually it looks stupid. (Forgot that water will lay naturally level)

Before I was finished I thought I was in way over my head and needed to hire a prof. but had no money.
Now after it has been up app. 1 month it is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Keep plugging away and it will be worth it in the end.

If you need more info on specifics please write in.

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Thanks for those suggestions. We aren't getting any instructions with it as far as I know, but I printed some off of another website. I'm trying to look over them, so things will be familiar to me, but I'm starting to get a little stressed. My husband is outside as we speak leveling the ground with a bobcat. We don't actually have the pool yet, we are supposed to pick it up next week. We are going to get a new liner, and my husband has helped replace one of those before, so we have a tiny bit of exp. there. It's getting to that point that has me worried! Most people I talk to say we're crazy for going with a used one, they say we'll have almost as much money in it as if we had just bought a new one and had it installed. But my calculations aren't working out that way so far. I believe we'll end up with a nice pool for less than half the money. Like you said, we don't have the money to have someone install it and most of the time we try to do things ourselves, learning as we go. This is the biggest job we've tackled so far. How many people did you have helping actually assemble the pool? Is this something that my husband & I could do by ourselves without other helpers?

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Your calculations are probably right.
I figure I have about $400 in it.
I had a buddy do the bobcat leveling for trade.
I did the fine tuning.
My biggest problem was getting the liner wall to stand on its own.
I had my wife and 4 kids helping to hold the wall while I put the top rail on. Once on it stood alright.
I used an over the wall liner and set the liner at app 1" overhang while filling. After filling to just under the return, I went around and took off 2 top rails at a time to adjust the overhang and get the slack out. This was probably the most worrisome time.

While plumbing be sure to install a cutoff valve and a union at the return and inlet. This is so you can cutoff the flow and break the line to move the pump and filter inside during winter.
I had to use this right after I installed when my pump went bad and i took it out to fix it without losing any water or cutting any PVC.

Good luck and you're getting closer.
Gotta go and jump in now.

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