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Smile Stevie3x, Thanks!

Just wanted to say thank you for recommending the Swimtrine Plus Copper Based Algaecide. It worked!

We treated the pool with the recurrent algae, waited a day, scrubbed the walls, added floculent, waited 24 hours, vacuumed to waste, and have kept the maintenance doses up of the Swimtrine. We also drained some water and added fresh to get the stabilizer level down. I couldn't believe the amount of dead algae on the bottom of the pool after the floculent worked it's magic.

It's been over 5 weeks and the algae hasn't come back--even when our chlorine level went down while we were on vacation (we have an inline chlorinator, but didn't turn it up high enough for the heat of the day I guess).

Thansk for recommending it--I'm glad to finally have that algae problem taken care of! (now lets hope I'm not jinxing things)
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your welcome,

remember to be consistant on the day you do your pool chores , and keep a log of what the psi , cl level, ph level is , you will find in a short while you can look at your log and imediately notice something out of wack.


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