D E in pool


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D E in pool

My inground was built in 1988. We bought the house in 1997. After backwashing, we are now getting DE in the pool. The wall returns are bubbling. We reglued all of the plumbing for the valves and it seems that no air is leaking there. This was all ok until we backwashed. HELP SOMEONE PLEASE.
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I take it you mean you have d.e. returning to the pool via the return fittings, if this is the case the only way you can pass d.e. to you pool is either the grids, the manifold [ thats the plastic part the grids stick into ] or the backwash valve , it may be a coincidence however , since all you did was backwash and then recharge the filter with d.e. , I would start with the backwash valve , if its a multiport type valve , I would highly recommend replacing it with a push / pull type backwash valve, the multiport valves are known for being problematic.

if it indeed is a push / pull type valve the internals can be removed , shut off the power , [ so you know the pump cannot come on while you have it apart ]

if its american products or hayward the cap screws off and the plunger pullu and out it may require some hard pulling, most all the other types are held in with screws , pretty straight foward. no springs go flying or anything like that.


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Usually when you have d.e. filter powder entering the pool via returns, means that you have some tears in your filter grids. Check your local pool supply store and they can be inspected and replaced very cheap. That should solve your problem. I think that your valve is fine. I have a multi port valve and I have had my pool longer since 1980 and it works just fine.
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What is D.E.??

Is D.E. the sand in the filter, I notice what appeared to be white sand on the bottom of my 1 year old in ground poolin the deep end near the return. I have a hayward multi valve I guess, the filter has a large black handle on top that you turn to the various settings, filter, backwash, rinse, waste, bypass, recirculate.
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D.E. is a white powder like substance..Usually won't look like sand in your pool, but rather make it very very cloudy. Most of the older filters use the D.E. filter powder. The newer ones use a substnace like sand yes.

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