styrofoam or not?


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Smile styrofoam or not?


We are trying to set up our 24'round pool, rather my husband is and I am helping. We are confused as to whether to use styrofoam or not on the bottom, we do have compacted sand now?
If we do use the foam do we start with it right against the edge or out a bit allowing for movement to the outer edge? We have talked to different people and get different thoughts on it?? So we are confused and trying to decide if this is the better way to go.?? Any thoughts.

Also, we had to dig into our hill. Should we back fill with dirt? Or put stones then dirt? retaining wall?? WE are really inexperienced when it comes to this as some of you had put it MONEY is the issue and we got this one second hand so ya it is all new to us. So any thoughts would be great from others. Use the stones then the dirt as backfill up to it is the way one has suggested as the dirt will settle and put pressure on the pool and well ruin it eventually.

Thank you for your help.
All the chemical levels seem like a big headache. I hope we are not in over our heads too>>> YIKES>!!

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I have been in the installation business for 7+ years, and I do not recommend using the styrofoam. It actually makes it easier to puncture the liner. If you have a good base of sand you will be fine. As far as backfilling goes, it is fine to backfill with dirt. I generally recommend using a rubberized undercoating that can be found at automotive stores to coat the part of the pool that will be in the ground. The will act as a barrier between the wall and the dirt.

Please feel fee to email me if you have any more questions.
Thank You
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no styrofoam

i do agree with mike on the idea of not using styrofaom, we always use very fine sand you just have to make sure that there are no rocks under it beacuse they will work there way to the surface eventually and pucture the liner. However i would not back fill around the pool u must back slope the hil away from the pool and build a retaining wall, u must also build some sort of drainage system or whenever it rains it will slowly remove the sand from underneath the pool, u must do this no matter how you do it, if you back fill the hole you are adding a negative pressure against the wall that they were not designed for think about it if they wanted you to do that they would of put it in the instructions, Note how they do put in the instructions to not dig your pool into a hill as you did. this is fine if the propeer measures are taken like a retaining wall and drainage system, also u must have a minimum depth of 2" of sand this is not negotiable and you must build a earth cove all along the inside of the pool using sand or fine earth the earth cove must be 8" on the base and 6" high with a nice even curve that slopes into the pool floor
hope this helps

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