Green algae please help


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Smile Green algae please help

Hi I am new to this site. I have learned lots from reading all the helpful tips from everyone. Still stumped as to what to about mine though. I have a green algae that I can't seem to get rid of. I put in an algae eater a few days ago and some clarifier. It went away was looking beautiful until yesterday. Now the green monster is back. My chlorine if fine but ph is high. I have also been vaccumming and backwashing. I just seem to be goin in a big circle here and the kids have about had it with Mom this summer with not being able to swim. I would appreciate any advice anyone could give me. Also, when vaccumming should you do it to waste or filter? Thank you so much!

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for now keep your chlorine high , 3.0 your ph 7.4 - 7.6 run your filter 24 / 7 till it clears, go down to your local pool store and buy a quart of applied bio-chemists Pooltrine plus its a copper based algaecide, it will kill your algae, follow the directions on the lable,

a cople of things, you must know the total gallons in your pool , if its square or rectangle, multiply the length X width X ave. depth X 7.5 [ say your pool is 3 ft on the shallow end and 8 ft. on the deep end , the average depth would figure out to be 5.5 ft. ]

if its round multiply the diameter X the diameter X ave. depth X 5.9

ALL chemical additions are dependent upon total gallons .

after the filter if cleaned , note the psi reading on the gage on top [ if its not working, replace it ] when this pressure increases by 6 psi clean the filter regardless of how long its been since the last time you cleaned it.

good rule of thumb if its 8o outside run you filter 8 hrs , 90 run it 9 hrs.

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Had green water in Hot tub- told it was not algae

In my case, it needing a lot of shock ( concentarted Bromine)

After I put that in, it cleared up ( had to clean the walls and filter for a few days after) but it worked. Now I toss concentrate in once a week and had no issues since. (This was in the spring)

They did not say what it was, but that is was not algae.

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