How do you clean filter????


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How do you clean filter????

I need to know if you can clean a paper filter cartridge and how to do it.Our filter is not catching the really tiny particles and going back into the pool which is clouding it again.I know I need a new filter cartridge but nobody including the company have any in stock.Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.Thank you.
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you can clean your filter element, with a spray nozzle connected to your hose. you didn't mention the size of your filter, however , afterward you can either add a clearifier of simply add d.e. through the skimmer apx. 2 .... 1 lb. coffee cans of d.e. will suffice.


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Hi again...
This online site sells both the pumps and filters for the Quick Set type pools:

Also, through our local pool supply company we purchased a product that you can spray onto the paper filters to clean them. But if the filter's too dirty, the spray won't work & the filter really needs to be thrown away. It sounds to me as though you've been using the same filter for quite some time. They really do need to be replaced fairly frequently. We replace ours once or twice a week, and that way they're still clean enough to be sprayed with the cleaner, hosed down & salvaged. And, the filter's simply won't work properly if they're too dirty.
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morning...the hose for cleaning seems to work best for us as well...we can usually get away with "spraying them clean 2 or 3 times before they bite the dust, but I also found these little nylon "sock" type inserts for inside the skimmer, they eliminate all the tiny little particles from clogging up the filter quicker, and you can rinse them off and reuse them over and over again as well. I found them @ walmart they come 3 to a pack. Could be worth looking into....
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Thing is, though, that simply spraying the filter off with water (without any chemicals sprayed on) isn't really CLEANING the paper. So you're not getting rid of the algae, etc.

I really recommend the spray that I've mentioned. Any pool supply store should be able to help you locate that product.

Using the spray, we've been able to get 6 or more uses from each paper filter! So if you buy a couple of boxes (of 4 filters per box) of new filters at the beginning of each summer, then rotating them (and cleaning them before they get too filthy, so that they're very salvageable), you keep the pool water flowing through nice clean filters & your pool water stays healthier and cleaner. This has really worked well for us this summer.

Places like Walmart are great to purchase the pools from, but once you're into the upkeep of the pools I'd shy away from Walmart & stick to pool supply experts. They're the ones who know all about keeping pool water in good condition. And those of us using these types of quickset pools are likely using them for our children...and it's worth being SURE that our children are swimming in nice clean, safe,healthy water!

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