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Question filter problems

hello, i replaced my sand filter a year ago with a 2" smaller's a 22 ,was a 24 inch one. i have a 1hp pump and was wondering if there's a way to limit the output of the pump because i'm pretty sure it's forcing sand back into the pool. i also know when i initially turn the filter on there is a bunch of stuff that comes out of all returns for some reason and then it turns clear, this just started doing this. my pressure is only around 16#s. it seems that even when new i would always get a little sand back into the pool and i tried all kinds of different sand ,they all were suppose to be for my filter,#20 silica sand. is there something else i should be looking for ? i completely rebuilt my old filter and never solved the sand problem so that's why i bought a new one. this is very frustrating and i've had this pool for 12yrs and put a new liner in last year and rebuilt my pump. i appreciate any input or advice, thanks Randy
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the sand filter is probably fine, after the backwash cycle you need to place the backwash valve on rinse if you have a rotary backwash valve , the rinse cycle is basically the filter cycle with the exception of the water going to waste instead of the pool, after the rinse cycle , put it on filter ,
sand filters tend to " kick back " a small amount of sand sometimes, of course if you have a push / pull type backwash valve you cannot bennifit from this added feature.

an yes, # 20 silica sand is the correct size and type of sand .

lol steve

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