Oversize pump and filter?


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Oversize pump and filter?

We have a new fibreglass pool sith a salt system. The guy who may be doing maintenance on it (who is not the installer) says that for a 10-15,000 gal pool the 1hp pump and TA60 filter are way oversized, and that this is bad. He says that the filter won't do the job right if it filters all the water in the pool too frequently. Is this right?

Hoping for some guidance, thanks.
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This guy needs to go back to school. recommended turnover rate for a residential pool is once every 12 hours, so if you have a capacity of 15,000 gal. most 1.0 hp pumps utilizing a 60 sq. ft. d.e. filter should flow 50 gpm gal per minute with no problem, 50 x 60 = 3000 gph

15,000 divided by 3000 = 5 hr. min per day run tyme.

most of us in the industry oversize the filter on purpose to cut down on restriction to water flow, which moves more water , and extends times between filter cleanings.

keep your chems correct and you can expect crystal clear water, with your present system .


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