Swimming Pool Demolition?


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Question Swimming Pool Demolition Advice?

Hi All,

This is my first post to the forum, I have failed to locate a search function so please excuse me if this has been discussed before.

I have an inground fiberglass shell construction swimming pool that I want to remove to allow for a house extension. I am willing to undertake the job myself but would appreciate any advice or further information regarding the subject.

I have contacted some local contractors but they are not very forthcoming with any information or advice.

So far the general understanding I have is:

1) Remove all surrounding pool coping, plumbing and electrical services.
2) Drain pool and break several holes in shell base.
3) Cut up (with angle grinder) and remove fiberglass shell.
4) Break up and remove concrete beam (reinforced concrete?).
5) Fill and compact hole with different layers of gravel and soil.

Thanks to all.



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first off , contact your building department as some require a permit to demo your pool, if this is the case they will give you the requirements,
if no permit is required, you can proceede as you stated , altho you would not have to completely remove the shell, cut apx 2 ft. off the top remove this portion and follow your plan for the rest.

if you have connections to obtain a crane you can punch hole on each side apx 1 ft. down and the same on both ends and lift the pool shell out intact,

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Many thanks, the local authority confirms that no permit will be required.

One contractor stated that if I wanted to build a house extension on top of the pool site the shell would have to be completely removed and that certain types of soil/gravel combinations would be required to fill the area to allow for compaction

I figure that I will just cut small sections of the shell out at a time.

Thanks for your advice,



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