build your own


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build your own

Hi all

I am sure there is an answer to my question somewhere...darned if I can find it though...

I am looking to build my own hot tub, I am pretty good at woodwork but I need advice and plans...where do I go...What do I do ?

Please, please help

Many Thanks

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Hi. I am currently building my own wood hot tub. I was unable to find any plans, so I created my own. Once I'm finished with it, I'll write up a complete post with lots of pictures

I put a 6'6" diameter base of 2x12 pressure treated lumber.
On top of this I screwed a 5'4" diameter base of 2x6 cedar.

My tub is 6' in diameter at the top, and 5'4" at the bottom.
I constructed the walls out of 45 - 1x6 cedar boards. (2x6 would be better) Each side of the boards needs to be cut at a 4 degree angle. I wanted a conical tub so you were sitting at a slight recline while in it. I did this by tapering the boards. So the inside of each board is 4.5" wide at the bottom, and 4.85" wide at the top. I tounge and grooved all of the boards for ease of installation, and structural support. The tongue adds .25" to each board. Here's a picture of what each board looks like.

Since my mill work isn't precise enough to be water proof, and I didn't want to spend the money for clear cedar (necessary for a waterproof all-wood tub), I bought a cheap 15' pool liner and cut a 5'4" circle out of the bottom and reglued a 17' piece of wall panel to it. Use "Vyna-Bond" glue for this - it works the best.

Here's a picture of assembly.

I'm using 4 separate rings of nylon banding material normally used for shipping to hold the walls together. You need special tools for this though.

Heres a picture of my progress as of this afternoon

Hope this gives you an idea on how to start.

If you have any other questions you can email me at aemeeich @ I can answer any specific questions, or give you better pictures.

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Nice work so far Michael! I just wanted to add a safety note regarding plumbing a home made hot tub. Be sure to have at least two intakes for every water pump on the tub. The intakes need to be located so that people will not become sucked to them. Good luck with your project and have fun in your new tub.

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build your own

Hey, many thanks for your reply to my post, sorry for the delay but have been away on hols.....

The tub your building sounds great and yes I would love to see some pics and your plans for the tub when its finished....

Thanks again


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