Small Above Ground Pool Heater


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Small Above Ground Pool Heater

We have a very small Easy Set pool (8' diam by 3' deep) for our kids but we need a way to heat the water. We live on the California Central Coast and while the temperature feels hot to us (usually around 75-80F), it's not hot enough to heat the pool water. We have tried some simple solar products but again, not much heat is produced. Does anyone know of a gas (propane) or electric (110-120v) small pool heater that is available? Our pool has a pump and holds about 900 gal. The kids don't want to use the pool since the water is about 73 degrees on a good day.

Thanks for any help.
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You'll need around a 2000 watt or 3000 watt heater for that size pool.
This is from a seller in England. It's a 3000 watt heater. It does have to run on 220 volts though.
This is from a seller in the US. This particular one is for a 6000 watt heater which is too large for you, but you can ask him for other sizes.
This is a 1800 watt heater that does run on 120volts. You'll have to do a bit of piping to adapt it correctly since it is designed for whirlpool bathtubs.
Also, you should get a bubble solar cover. This alone will give you a nice temperature rise (if the pool is in the sun) and will help to keep alot of that heat overnight. They don't make 8ft covers, but buy a 12ft, and cut it to the proper size with a scissors.

Hope this helps
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We have the bubble cover which we cut down but doesn't seem to heat the water since I don't think it gets hot enough here (the pool is in the sun). I have seen that pool heater from England and though it seems it might work, it is very cost prohibitive for a $50 pool (almost $800). I will check out the rest. Thanks again.
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first off according to your measurements I come up with 1132.8 gal.
most spas [ and they are insulated , with an insulated cover ] contain around 280 gal. and use a 6 kw [ 6000 ] watt heater to maintain the temps 24 / 7 so I would think you will need this or larger size ele. heater ,

the bad news is altho you can pick up an inline spa heating unit fairly cheap, you would have to have a dedicated ele. run from your main panel to the unit # 6 copper wire 2 / pole gfci all in all = mucho $ so unless you have someone who can in stall the ele. your out there, the other would be gas, which is cheap, in comparison to operate , however the heater itself would be a more expensive outlay of $ plus installing a gas line .

have you thought about 1 or 2 solar panels ? would more than suffice and once installed FREE heat.


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