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Another tip for converting to chlorine from baquacil

Another tip for converting to chlorine from baquacil


Old 08-14-05, 03:33 PM
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Another tip for converting to chlorine from baquacil

I used these forums when I bought a heating and cooling system and were helpful so thought I would try to add some input as well. I bought a 30 feet round above ground pool this year. Well I went with the hype and chose Baquacil. If you want to skip my horror story and get to my main point then skip a few paragraphs. There is a product out that allows you to convert your pool back to chlorine while swimming in it. It does take a few weeks though and will cost probably 30-60 dollars for a 15000 gallon pool depending on what your baquacil level is.

Everything worked great--that is until the infamous honeymoon period was over which was about 3 months. My pool then grew green algae really fast and I couldnt kill it. I used the regular algicide, shocked, added sanitizer. I went to the pool place and they suggested I think the premium sanitizer--tried 8 oz like I was told and no effect. Then I became frustrated and put the whole bottle in but again it didnt really help. Later on the same pool store would tell me, "well baquacil also makes a peformance algicide." WOW 3 different types of algicides? Regular, Premium and Performance.

I had read horror stories about Baquacil and had it in my mind I was going to convert after this year. Baquacil was also costing me a fortune although the pool store I went to was responsible for a large part of this--I had several readings of 0 for the sanitizer and would later find out the women was not testing the water correctly although she was eye candy!

Well anyway my pool was green and I was desperate--it was so bad that I was just going to close it down for the winter in August. I decided that I wouldnt put anything off and wanted to go ahead and convert it to chlorine so I wouldnt have a big chore next spring. So I took my water to the pool store and of course my sanitizer reading was 0 and baquashock was 218. The lady there told me I couldnt use chlorine yet because of the baquashock level which is inaccurate according to what I have read. I then went to another pool shop--the gentleman had been there 29 years. He told me I could go ahead and convert although he wanted me to bring another water sample in as he didnt believe the other results. According to his computer my sanitizer was 22 and baquashock was 92 I think.

He gave me several options one of which was to close the pool down now. The other option was to use something called Chlorivert. It costs around 30 dollars a bottle and does roughly 15000 gallons for the inital dose then I guess one bottle would last for a month or so depending on the size of your pool. I bought 2 bottles and here is what you do. Add an initial dose of this around your pool then put a 3 inch chlorine tablet in a floater or your skimmer. I still have no idea how this stops the reaction between chlorine and baquacil--perhaps the one 3 inch chlorine tablet is not enough to make a reaction? They want you to keep your chlorine at .3ppm. He wants me to come in every Thursday to test my water and once my Baquacil level gets low then we will use a non chlorine shock and after that I will be on chlorine after I change the sand.

I told him I was thinking about dumping bleach in the pool as that is what I have mainly read to convert from Baquacil. He said that he had done this before and it turns the water green and brown but he didnt like to do this. So far I am 1 week into my conversion and my pool is now perfect. I really doubt the chlorine made a difference but my algae is gone now--after scrubbing for a few days maybe all that algicide finally decided to work! Funny though that before the chlorine even after scrubbing the algae came right back.

Perhaps some of you guys have experience with the chlorivert and if anyone has anything bad to say please post it. It is interesting the label says copyright 1994 yet if you do a good search there are only 2 hits on it. Also unlike the bleach conversion while you are converting you can swim in your pool. If you do decide on baquacil then by all means please research thoroughly and if you were in the boat I was perhaps this is another option besides adding massive amounts of chlorine. Also do your research on Chlorivert--I may wake up tomorrow with no skin but so far I havent found very much information on it at all.
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Old 09-03-05, 04:07 AM
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Ok going to give an update.

Week 1 my Baquacil level was 8 so I continued to keep the chlorine level low and was able to swim without any difficulty. The water stayed clear.

Week 2 my Baquacil was 9 so I actually added a bit more chlorine than I was supposed to hoping it would take all the baquacil out.

Week 3 Baquacil level was 1.5. Although we have a lot of rain here and my pool was losing water from the skimmer because it was so full. There was a significant change of water which is probably one of the major reasons my baquacil was low.

So now week 3, I added 3 chlorine shock and now I am to keep 2 chlorine tabs in my skiimmer to try to keep my chlorine I think at 1.5.

Since it is so near the end of the season, I am going to wait until I close the pool to change the sand. Anyway I would fully recommend this method to anyone. Very easy, not scary and you can keep swimming. So nice to see the shock immediately kill what algae I had
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Where did you buy chlorivert and did it work

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