Tell me about your solar blanket


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Tell me about your solar blanket

Could someone give me some info as to weather a solar blanket should be left on in the heat of the day or should I be pulling it off once the sun is shinning bright. It is starting to get cold here and I would like to retain and gain all the heat I can get.

Thanx for any help

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a solar blanket is used ro raise the temperature of the pool water, its necessary to leave it on during the time the sun is out, however common sense dictates when to remove , if you like 80 water and with the cover on it does not reach 80 leave it on if on the other hand youir temp. climbs above 80 remove it, however you should always put it on when the sun goes down to prevent heat loss during the night.

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I've been experimenting with my solar cover and you definitely leave it on in the sun and take her off when ready to swim. Leaving it on while you are at work makes for a nice warm pool by mid afternoon and as the other gentleman stated holds and retains that heat over night for the next day.

Not sure what your comfort level is but seems that 82 is fairly comfy and 84-85 is real nice.

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I'm sure 80 or better would be a nice comfort level, however way up north we have to settle with 70-75 or get a heater. Thanx for the info

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I live in the Pacific Northwest & have both a heater & solar blanket. I use the propane heater to bring it up to heat & the solar blanket to keep that expensive heat in.

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