am i leaking or not?


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am i leaking or not?


equipment: 18X36 inground vinyl liner pool. 300 lb sand filter and 1 1/2 hp hayward super pump. 2 inlets, 1 skimmer and 1 main suction.

here is the question:

am i leaking or not?

i measure the pool by putting a 5 gallon bucket with pool water near the steps and mark the water level inside the bucket with tape. then, i mark the level of the pool water with tape. i let is sit overnight and then compare after about 12 hours with pump off.

i almost always notice about 1/16" drop in pool water but i can't see a drop in bucket level.

does this mean i am leaking or is the smaller bucket not a good test?

also, there are water bubbles in the skimmer basket (tiny) and you can hear air in the filter but none (at least not noticeable) comes out of the inlets.

let me know what you think.
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probally a small suction leak due to the air in the pump, as far as the water level I see pools that drop 1"+ a week just from evaporation
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i agree that it seems like a small suction leak but i am puzzled. i shut off the pipes that lead to the main suction and i still have the same amount of air getting into the filter. then, i shut off the skimmer and still i have the same amount of air in the filter.

so, in my amateur opinion, it means that either i have a leak (the same size) in both lines, or it is after the lines join at the filter pad.

does this make sense?

one other question: i have a 1 1/2 HP pump and i put the equipment about 15' from the skimmer and about 22' from main suction. is it at all possible that the air is coming from the power of the pump moving the water and NOT from a leak?

i have enough water in the skimmer so it isn't coming from there.


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