Air manifold not working in hot tub.

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Air manifold not working in hot tub.

I hope my description of my problem is good enough for someone to help.... I bought a used hot tub. It has a total of 12 jets. 4 of the jets are near the top of the water line and those 4 cannot be turned off. The other jets can be turned off by manually twisting them. That's ok.. those 4 jets are made to always be on.

To add air to the water, I turn a knob near the jet/light buttons on the top of the tub. Underneath (inside) the hot tub, I can see that turning the knob opens a small slit that allows air to get sucked into a manifold. The manifold has 10 clear tubes running from it to the jets. Most of the clear tubes have water in them and don't allow air to get to the jets - only the 4 jets mentioned earlier. I took off one of the air lines that doesn't work and blew it out with an air compressor. I saw lots of air come out of the jet that it was attached to. No 'gunk' or mold came out that I could see. When I took the tube off the manifold, water came out of the manifold and I had to plug it with my finger while working on the clear tubing.

I reattached the clear tube that I just blew out and started the jets again. I turned on the air and still nothing...just standing water in the tubes.

Can anyone help me to get air to come out of the jets that aren't working?

Thanks so much!
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first check the jets that are not working to see # 1 if there is any obstruction and # 2 is the orifice there or missing. they will not pull air if the orifices are missing.

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Thanks for the reply. Excuse my ignorance. I will blow out the air lines with an air compressor to make sure they are clear. But, what do you mean by 'make sure the orifice is there'? Are you talking about those little inserts in each jet that you use to aim the jet in the direction you want? I know for a fact I am missing about half of those. Used hot tub......
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Same Problem!

I know this is an old post, but is there anyone that could help us with this? We have the exact same problem. I have tried bleeding the lines and that works to some extent but the jets that can be turned in whichever direction you want will not really spit any pressure through them. The ones that you cant control the direction have finally started working better, but we still can't get the larger ones to work correctly. Any suggestions??

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