Spa Shopper Alert..


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Spa Shopper Alert..

Without getting into the details of what I am currently doing in the spa industry, let me tell you this. In the last 30 days I have seen a 25% increase in the cost of some materials used to make our spa shells. I am told that if the right part of Texas gets hit my Rita I mat not be able to get some raw materials I use in spa manufacturing. Due to shortage and diverting to rebuild.. government gets theirs first ya know.

As a result I see a price increase needed to keep everything flowing and to keep margins at a level that will be needed to keep a float over the next 18 months.Like gasoline many of the products used to make your spa are petroleum and energy dependent. If you believe that gas prices are not going back down any time soon, you must then think the same about spas.
I have to assume that this will likewise effect the entire industry.

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I agree, an increase in the price of crude oil raises the price of plastics which are used in spas.

Steel prices have almost doubled in the past two years.

Natural gas has doubled so far this year.

Everyone has seen the price of gasoline.

Heating oil is up about 80% this year.

Let's not scare people. Everything is going to become more expensive. There is nothing special about spas.
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Well, it looks like we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief.
One thing special about spas, is that the majority of primary plastics resin plants for the country are along the gulf coast. As I am getting calls today, it looks like damage to those plants was minimal.

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