Hot Tub Running without Water


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Hot Tub Running without Water

I had an electrician do my wiring for my hot tub. When he was done, he powered up the hot tub and left it powered up without water in it for about 5 hours. None of the pumps, blower or jets were on. Was the heater running the entire time? I'm new to the hot tub world but I can't imagine this is a good thing. Do the pumps need to be running in order for the hot tub to be heating? Thanks.
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You did not say what spa you have, so it's hard to tell if any damage was done. Most spas have an over-temperature sensor that turns them off if the heater is on but the circulator pump is not running, but this relies on the spa being filled with water. Basically I think it depends on the heater in your spa. Some heaters are not damaged by running dry, but many are.
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I think you will be fine. I have not seen a tub yet that does not have a flow switch for heater operation. This means no water flow no heat. The only damage you could have had would be if the pump was on with no water.

A hot tub is not like a water heater. It is only heating flowing water and not standing water.

Again I think you will be fine.

As for the electrician leaving the power on. I would not have done that. I am a electrician and I would have left it off and told you where to turn it on once you had it filled.
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Thanks for the replies on the hot tub running without water. Fortunately, I filled my hot tub up this weekend and ran it. No really problems with the hot tub. I have a Discovery Hot tub (8' X 7 1/2'). I'm not able to find a manual anywhere. The company does not exist anymore, as far as I can tell. Anyways, the problem I now have is that the the hot tub (pump, blowers, heater, etc.) turn off after about every 15 minutes. I then have to run outside and turn it back on every 15 minutes in order for the hot tub to filter and heat up. I'm assuming it's on a timer but I can't figure out where it is or how to adjust it. I've looked at both pumps and no luck. I have 5 buttons on my control screen; 1 for the pump (3 levels - low, high & filter), 1 for the blower, 1 for the light and an up and down for the temp guage. I have held in several of the buttons to see if some options would pop up. The only thing that pops up is "Econ" and "Seaf". Not exactly sure what the second says. Some of the letters don't show up. I can turn off the pump light by holding in the "up and down" buttoms for the temp. Any help on how to keep the system running for more than 15 minutes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I just tested a couple things and found out that only the pump shuts down every 15 minutes. The blower and light continue to run. I'm able to turn the pump right back on for 15 minutes, until it shuts down again. I just installed a new pump two weekends ago when I bought the tub. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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