big spa heating


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big spa heating

Hi i was wondering if any one has a cheap way of building a spa heater
preferably gas
they are so expencive to bye
thourght maybe could use a house gas heater and pump the water through that
not sure
any help would be apreciated
Regards Wilkie
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How many gallons is your spa?
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my spa will hold aprox 5000 liters which i the works out to 1329 US gallons thanks wilkie
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1300 gallons?!

Holy cow. That's like, what, an 8 person spa?

IMHO, You'd be better off getting a smaller spa that you can afford to heat.

Still, the trick is getting up to temperature, the easy (easier) part is maintaining that temp.
Where are you located? Is the spa indoors? Enclosed? The trouble with using a house heater is that it would need to be resistant to any of the chemicles you used to sanitize and also, resistant to any sort of bacteria or algae that might form in the tub. since it sounds like you'd be re-circulating the water throught the tank.... I don't think that's a good idea.
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yeah i was thinking along the lines of an instantanious heater
im building the spa myself will seat 16 comfortably
the last thing i have to worry about is heating everything else is for the time being under comtrol
regards wilkie

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