Vinyl liner draining


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Unhappy Vinyl liner draining

I have a vinyl liner and want to drain it for cleaning. I will only have it empty for about an hour. The weather is beging to get cooler and the possibility of shrinkage should be low?????.
Should I wait until it is very cold to do this. The reason is that for the last 2 years we have had a very bad spore problem and can't get it full cleaned
Thanks, Rodney
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It is not recommended that you completely drain the vinyl pool.
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Vinyl liner draining


It is never a good idea to completely drain a vinyl liner pool because as you noted the liner may shrink and then you will be looking for a new liner for your pool. You do not mention if your pool is above ground or in-ground. If you have had problems with "spores" the problem may or may not be algae on top of the liner. If you cannot brush the spots off and the discoloration does not go away you may have what we call "liner mold" which is a growth in the liner or on the underside of the liner. If you can give me some additional information I can possibly help you sort out your particular situation.

I need to know the following:

In ground pool or above ground pool?

Type of sanitizer you use in the pool?

Have you ever used an algaecide? If so what type?

Have you had the pool water professionally tested? If so what were the numerical results of the levels in the pool? Just saying the chlorine level was good is not enough information; I will need the actual reading.

What area of the country do you live in? Is the water table high where you live?

With these questions answered I think I can help you sort out if this problem is correctable.

Regardless whatever you do DO NOT DAIN YOUR POOL!
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I have a vinyl liner and want to drain it for cleaning. I will only have it empty for about an hour.
Id say go for it for just that short time. You are sure no ground water under it can move it around.

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age of liner

Hi, Dennis here. The most important aspect of draing a vinyl pool is the age of the liner. The older they are the more they will shrink and the less they will stretch when refilling. After the second summer I would not attempt it. Down to six inches is always OK, then clean and refill. Good luck, Dennis
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keep the water in --- why do you need to drain the water to clean the liner??
there are products available (ask your local pool store) to lift stains on liners & stairs, ladders, etc. do you have a brush & pole??

yeah, not only is it not necessary to drain the pool to clean it --- it's going to cost money to refill it --- you should not have to drain it until you go to replace that liner

liners are best installed during the spring/summer when the heat allows them to stretch

in cool & cold weather (below about 50 degrees) bare liners can become "tough" --- (think tender steak vs. tough over cooked meat)

if you're going to do anything --- at least wait until the spring/summer when you're not facing potential problems with the cold weather

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