which sub does what on waterfall?


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Question which sub does what on waterfall?

I am GC'ing our pool and am having a sheer descent waterfall put it. It rises of the side of the pool 18", is 10' long with the waterfall being 6' long. There are no rocks and it will have a tile face and sides. I am not clear on the procedure of who does what past the plumber running pipes to it. Do I need a separate waterfall sub? Does rebar sub put in rebar and then the gunite sub put in blocks or something to build it up then cover it? I know the tile sub/interior sub will tile it - who puts in the final plumbing that makes the water fall?

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Val, being the g.c. on the job ultimately makes you the one thats supposed to know, if one of these subs, or workers you hire don't know what there doing or don't care you could wind up in a big mess,

the person you hire to install the sheer descent should be qualified to , also plumb in the correct size pump and wire it or at least coordinate with you or your electrictian to wire it.

generally when we build pools we form up the raised bond beam and gunite at the same time we shoot the pool shell, steel and plumbing would be in place, plumbing to the sheer descent and the sheer descent itself , would come after the pool shell is completed.

the sheer descent MUST be level , both verticle and horizontal , and the proper size of plumbing for the sheer descent to function properly .
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Thanks so much for the reply. I'm especially glad you stressed the importance of the things to get right. (I thought I had everything pretty well planned out till this came up.)


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