Moving a6-3nd rewiring a hot tub


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Moving a6-3nd rewiring a hot tub

Hi all-

I am purchsing a used hot tub. Actually, got a great deal on it. However, it would appear some of the electrical work needs some serious thought.

Right now it appears that the tub is wired in a 120v outlet at 20amp breaker. From what I have read, they perform far better at 240 which then require a 50 amp breaker. No problem, I have room in my breaker box.

The breaker box and hot tub install location are at opposite ends of my house, about 80 feet apart. Nice thing is I have full access underneath the hosue, so running the cable isnt that bad. What is - the price! So I want to make sure I get the right stuff.

At home depot, the romex 6-3 is running around 1.77 per foot. Now the 8-3 is 1.48, significant savings. What I need to install, in linear from box to tub but not the order I wuold install in-

50amp breaker - 80 foot 6or8-3 romex - the 240volt junctionbox of some sort - then a cable that gets buried and runs about 10 feet to the tub, which will sit on a 4" think concrete slab.

Now because it appears to be running 120 volt (unless the past installer installed 240v on a 20 amp circuit.. I dont get that) I need to rewire alot of things. Its a hot springs brand tub, I believe it is the grandee model BUT, I dont see how that one can run at 120. Going to confirm this in a few hours.

Some of my current dillemmas -

Can the main run be 8-3?
My breaker box takes challenger fuses, home depot says murphy fuses will work. Is that true?
What do I need once I pop my 8-3 out of the wall on the other side?
How high of the ground need my gfci box be?
Currently, the tub has a plug and receptacle that goes into the wall. its labeled- 120v60hz 20a 2400w... I dont think this can be reused, can it?
If not on the above, wheres a good place to get what I need? I have been quoted from $450 just for that box, to $150.
What kind of cable can I get that is suitable for burial, and, how deep to bury it?

Also, this tub has an ozonator - very cool, but I am unsure if that requires even more power consideration. Also, this tub has been out of use for almost 2 years - I know the pumps can go south ni that time, seals dry out and whatnot. A place to get replacement parts online would be a big help.

Big post! Answer any part you like. I hope to run the main cable run here in the next few days, and I am pouring a cement pad in that time frame as well. I have added circuits to my breaker before, that doesnt bother me. I just want to pull the proper cable and get it done right.

I actually have an old AC unit plug in which is 20a 240v right by the tub - would be a 15 foot run to move it over - but it doesnt look compatible, and the tub wouldnt have much power, so I might as well pull the right stuff.

Thanks a ton,

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hi eric, first off look on the control box the amps. required should be stated there , if not look inside , Im not that familuar with that model but it more than likely is a convertable voltage, if it was connected 120 vac prior you may have to re-configure the wires inside the control box, contact your local hot-spring spa dlr to clearify this before proceeding,

if indeed you can connect 240 vac this should give you a much higher heat output, instead of using the romex id buy a roll of thhn # 6 apx. $70.00 and use that run conduit all the way to the spa , figure what direction the spa will set and stub up the ele. conduit accordingly. you might check your local codes , we install a quick disconnect within 15 ft. of the spa but no closer than 5 ft. any j boxes should be for wet locations and a minimum of 8 " finish grade to bottom of box , unless your local code calls for more clearance.

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For that distance, I'd stick with the #6 to minimize voltage drop. There are calculators on the web to verify.

I just wired my tub and did the following:
From breaker box to existing pool subpanel (40 ft): rewire with #3 (in anticipation of also installing a heat pump for pool)
From pool subpanel to tub disconnect (120ft): #4 THHN in buried conduit
From disconnect to tub panel (20 ft wire): #6 THHN in conduit up to spa cabinet.

THHN would be cheaper, conduit is very cheap.
Run it in your crawl space (or basement) to the joist header, bring it out there and through a conduit to your disconnect box. From the disconnect, either run another conduit to the spa cabinet with THHN or use UF. Definitely find out if there are any jumpers or switches that need to be reset to go from 120 to 240.

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