'Flushing' my hot tub? Hoses are gunked.


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'Flushing' my hot tub? Hoses are gunked.

Have a hot tub I'm trying to get back into shape. It was drained and moved last winter, and has been sitting since. I hopped in and cleaned the inside of the tub as much as possible, repaired a plumbing leak, filled and started it back up.

It's running well, but there seems to be a lot of gunk in the system. The hoses are semi-transparent and appeared to have brown gunk in them. I added some 'shock' to try and cleanse it. I ran the pumps and blowers for a while and it seemed to dump a lot of it into the tub and cleanse the hoses, but they aren't as clean as I'd like them.

Is there a particular product or procedure I should do to try and clean the plumbing?

I found this product after a quick search:


Is this decent? Should I be able to find a product like this locally? I stopped by a local pool/hot tub shop and they had only the standard maintenance items (bromine, shock, etc...).

I was also looking to replace the rubber headrests, as they are getting fairly nasty. Are these universal or do I have to go back to the manufacturer?

Any advice appreciated!!


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I wouldn't get stressed out over what to use , id pour 1 to 2 quarts of liquid chlorine in the spa and run the jets, circ. pump [ if different from the jet pump ] blower for a couple of hours then drain and flush the whole thing run it another hour and drain again re fill and all should be fine , check all chem levels and adjust as nec.

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The Spa Flush from SpaDepot works pretty good. I just used it a few weeks back, and it definitely cleaned the lines, though I don't know how well.

I've got a '96, full foam Catalina that I'm fixing up, and I can't see the lines to know how well it worked, but within a couple minutes of pouring it in the tub, the water turned real cloudy and I was scooping that nasty, dirty foam off the top. It left a pretty bad ring of dirt around the top of the tub. I used the spa flush undiluted to remove it.

After I drained it, I shop-vac'd the water out of the lines, and refilled it. The water was clearer after running the pumps.
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I went the chlorine route and it seems to be helping. Flexing the tubes while the pumps are running also seems to help break them up a bit.

I noticed some tubing that no water seems to flow through. The don't have the brown gunk in them, but they seem to have some whitish flakeyness inside. Any idea what these would be fore, and do I have to worry about them? They seem to be glued to their fittings, so they wouldn't be easy to pull off and clean out.

The other tubes with water flowing are held in with clamps.

Thanks again for any advice!
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Took my first dip this morning and just wanted to followup! I ended up cleaning the tub with 2 quarts of liquid chlorine per flush (it's a 430 gallon tub), and I flushed it twice. Seems to have cleaned the tubes up nicely, and the water seems good.

I determined that those hoses with no water were for my blower.

Thanks for all the help guys!

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